This is my mini-me, Alexis. It’s safe to say that I haven’t been so enamoured with another human being since I fell in love with my wife. She’s thoughtful, a wonderful skeptic, and a terrible idealist. She and I share a love of music and I’m always amazed at her ability to memorize lyrics in just a few listens. She’s way into books and drawing. We unfortunately sometimes share a melancholy disposition and tend to feed of each other’s mood swings a little too much, but the things we have in common are so worth the times we’re abrasive to each other. We can spend hours listening to music together, pondering life’s big and small questions, daring each other to reckless and dangerous antics, and laughing our butts off at butt jokes. I became a feminist the day I saw her wonderful face. I believe that the future of this planet will be better just because she’ll be in it.

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